Building a B2B marketing strategy

When creating a B2B marketing strategy, start with your sales funnel. As a B2B company, you can have several different sales funnels. You may be targeting different sectors and have customized your funnels for each one.

Whatever your sales funnel or funnels, it is crucial to map your sales cycle and how it relates to your customers’ buying journey.

Let’s say the first step in your sales funnel is a blog. At this stage, you are building brand awareness.

A blog helps answer your customers’ questions and builds trust with them. Companies often overlook the blog, but this is an easy way to grow a loyal audience.

During the purchase process, your potential customers will have questions about your company. Show them that you are a reputable source through your blog, then keep producing great content that will attract your customers and take them to the next part of the funnel. After establishing trust, you can generate leads.

  1. Data Management

In the recent past, consumers did not have many resources to make complaints about products and services. It was very unusual for a company to have its name tarnished by some criticism. For when they happened, complaints were out of the eyes of other consumers.

Today the scenario is different. With the ease of reach of social networks and other technologies with instant access, any negative comment about a company reaches gigantic proportions, which becomes detrimental to the credibility of the business.

However, proper data management allows you to understand better your customers’ behaviour and how they think. This is possible through the excellent availability of information found in big data systems. In other words, to get the answers to solve your customers’ problems, it is essential to collect, structure, and analyze the data.

2. Consumer Behavior 4.0
To remain competitive and always one step ahead of the competition, it is necessary to know the behaviour of consumer 4.0. This is because, with technologies, a new figure of customers has emerged in the business world. He has specific desires, has become more demanding, and seeks better experiences in service.

So, it is necessary for your company to mould itself according to the current market and new consumer trends. With this new profile in mind, effective B2B marketing must develop actions to satisfy these expectations and reach the right audience with the correct information.

Big data technologies, for example, provide access to relevant data about your customers, prospects, and stakeholders. Thus, they offer inputs to building more impactful campaigns and targeting the right audience.

Besides, data mined in Big Data enables assertive decision-making to ensure customer satisfaction from the first contact through the aftermarket.

3. LinkedIn Marketing
Traditional among B2C businesses, B2B marketers are gradually embracing social media as channels of communication and nurturing prospects.

As in previous years, LinkedIn is expected to surpass other communication channels for B2B business.

Having been acquired by Microsoft in 2016, LinkedIn now offers several features that seek to make it the most efficient and cost-effective platform for B2B audience reach. Today, many marketers use LinkedIn data for strategic decision making, and this trend is set to grow by 2020.

With the advancement of technologies, the possibilities for B2B business are endless. Get ready, embrace change, and incorporate these concepts into your marketing plan to get ahead in 2020.

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