3 trends for the retail industry

Customization, focus on experience and automation will be some of the common store elements soon

In the retail world, a discussion has been increasingly recurrent in recent years: how should the industry update and remain relevant in the future? A study by consulting firm CB Insights provides predictions of what retail might look like in 2030. The survey points to, among other things, three trends for future stores.

Small robotic deposits
The micro-distribution centre system, based on spreading small deposits at accessible urban locations, is one of the key trends for the future of retail.

By 2030, retail sales can also be much more customized than they currently are, the survey points out. This can happen thanks to the evolution of 3D printing, which offers the possibility of producing custom scale and real-time.

Experiences and Services
Providing customers with the necessary experiences and services is another trend for stores of the future, according to the consultancy, which bets retailers will compete directly with educational institutions in offering courses related to their products.

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