Tech Trends: Internet of Things

Quite simply, the Internet of Things is the way physical devices are connected and communicating with each other and with the user through smart sensors and software that transmit data to a network. As if it were a large nervous system that allows the swap of information between two or more points.

The result is a smarter and more responsive planet. Now we can better understand how these things work, and how they work together to better serve us.

But what “thing” are we talking about? The answer is anything.

From a watch or a refrigerator to cars, machines, computers and smartphones. Any utensil you can imagine can theoretically enter the world of the Internet of Things.

They talk to each other to give us more comfort, productivity, information, and overall practicality, and their uses may include health monitoring, providing real-time information about city traffic or the number of parking spaces available and where direction they are, even recommending activities, reminders, or content on your connected devices.

Everyday things become intelligent and have their functions enhanced by data crossing.

Security and privacy

And what are the challenges that the Internet of Things represents and how can companies best prepare to solve them?

The biggest concern is the security and privacy of the sensors used in IoT and the data they store.

What’s more, integrating devices to transfer all critical data also presents problems.

Recent research revealed that hackers can hijack your iPhone or smart speaker with a simple laser pointer. 

With billions of devices connected, what can people do to ensure their information stays secure?

Will anyone be able to hack your toaster and thus gain access to your entire network?

These are some questions that we don’t know yet for sure. 

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