E-Commerce B2B: The Future Of Wholesale Distributor

If you are a distributor wholesaler and want to expand your business, B2B e-commerce is likely to be part of your current business model or will soon.

That’s right, online business-to-business transactions promise to be the future of wholesale in Brazil and around the world, and it’s important for business owners to be aware of this movement and have a clear strategy to make the most of it!

About this, we will help you reflect throughout this article. Keep reading to understand why investing in B2B virtual commerce!

The Definition of B2B E-Commerce

To understand what e-commerce is, it is helpful to divide the concept into its two parts: B2B, or business-to-business, and e-commerce. When you think this way, the definition of B2B e-commerce can be quite broad.

The automotive industry is a great example of an ecosystem of complex B2B relationships. Within the automotive industry, there is a huge supply chain that represents companies that do everything from supplying the initial raw materials (metals, glass, rubber, etc.) to manufacturing, not just the car itself, but all of its own. parts (headlight radios, computer systems and more).

The supply chain can include hundreds of B2B companies and customer relationships to produce a single car that will be sold to the end consumer. Here it is crucial to understand your customer because, for example, the needs of a company looking for a wholesale safety knives supplier is totally different from the needs of businesses looking for brass gifts wholesalers. The e-commerce component concerns all of these different types of companies using the Internet to close deals and manage relationships with each other.

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