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Home is Canterbury (UK) but at University in Bristol (UK)

Why The Devils?:

Not really sure to be honest… I think I was about 10 when I got into Hockey. My parents and I went over to the States to see a friend who lives in Philly and I think he may have been a Devils fan. I think whilst we were staying at his house I was watching a Devils game, can’t remember who it was against but I remember watching that and loving

That Christmas I got a PS2 and I got NHL 2001, I created a season with the Devils and I guess the rest is history!

Greatest Personal Memory:

(a game that was perhaps meaningless to others, but holds a special memory for you)

Devils vs Rangers at MSG. Can’t remember the date but it was the game where the score was 0-0 after 3 periods of play. It went into OT, end of OT and STILL 0-0. Shootout it was and all I remember was the Devils winning 1-0 in the end and I was running up and down the corridor at like 3am!

Greatest Team Memory:

Marty’s 552 was epic! I remember sitting in my room at Uni (watching the game on the net) and screaming as loud as I could when the horn went! Awesome achievement for an outstanding goaltender.

What Makes YOU a Crazy Devils Fan?:

For the whole of last season I watched every single Devils game on the net. I used to stay up til 3:30am most nights just to see them play. What makes me a crazy Devils fan was the game vs the Coyotes… I went to bed at 7pm to get up at 3am to watch that game. It finished at 6:30am, I went back to sleep and was up for lectures at 8am that day. Worst thing of all was that we lost! URGH!

Favorite Current and Favorite All-Time Devil:

Jason Arnott and Marty Brodeur.
Arnott because, and I know this sounds odd but, he was my best forward in my NHL 2001 season. Scored minimum of 2 goals every game!

Marty because he’s just awesome. He has some outstanding games and some not so good days but to have so many records that are going to be hard to beat is a massive achievement and a sign of a top quality player.
Just got to say… I am so looking forward to my first game at The Rock in December (2010) vs the Rangers and the Thrashers. It’s going to be epic!
Devils for the title 2011!!!

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