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Wilmington, DE

Why The Devils?:

I was born in New Jersey, but I grew up in Florida. As a young kid, I always looked for things that would set me apart and identify me with my birthplace. I saw in the newspaper there was a game called “hockey” and that there was a team in New Jersey. Instantly I decided that would be my team and that I would follow them. This was sometime around 1982 or 1983, right after the time the team had moved from Colorado. As the years went on, I really fell in love with the game and with the Devils. Through good times and bad, I’ve stuck by my boys in the red and black (or green!)

Eugene R. - Not a Flyers Fan

Greatest Personal Memory:

(a game that was perhaps meaningless to others, but holds a special memory for you)

April 16, 2010 – My first playoff game. Game 2 of the series against the hated Philadelphia Flyers. I drove for three hours from where I live in Delaware to the Rock in Newark. This was my first game at the “new” arena, and I was absolutely amazed at how beautiful the Rock was. From the statues outside to the big beautiful atrium, the place was a huge improvement over the venue at the Meadowlands. From the time I got there until I left, the atmosphere inside the building was absolutely electric! You could just feel the intensity of the crowd. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, cheering and chanting with 17,624 of my best friends. I lost my voice about halfway through the first period, and I didn’t get it back until almost a full week later.

Greatest Team Memory:

Winning the Stanley Cup in 1995. After such a bitter defeat to the Rangers in 1994 and amid rumors that the team would be moved to Nashville, it was simply amazing to see us avenge that by sweeping the heavily favored Red Wings in the Finals. I think I actually cried.

What Makes YOU a Crazy Devils Fan?:

I live outside of Philadelphia and openly root for the Devils. Despite the constant trash talk from Flyers fans, I keep Devils stuff in my office, wear Devils gear, and even have NJDEVLS as my vanity plate. Fortunately for me my car hasn’t been keyed yet!

Favorite Current and Favorite All-Time Devil:

Martin Brodeur. Greatest goaltender of all time.

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