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Why The Devils?:

I was born and raised a Devils fan. My dad was born in New Jersey and he has been a fan since the franchise moved to Jersey. He had me watch every game with him and I have watched them for my entire life.

Greatest Personal Memory:

(a game that was perhaps meaningless to others, but holds a special memory for you)

My greatest personal memory would have to be my first Devils game at the Rock. I went to the Devils vs. Bruins game on March 15, 2010. I was born in AZ and the Devils only come here every 3 years so I was stoked to finally be able to go to a home game. I usually travel to Jersey during the summer, when hockey season is over. The Rock is absolutely amazing and them winning made it even better.

Greatest Team Memory:

The 2000 Stanley Cup Finals. This is the first Devils Stanley Cup I saw (that I remember). My neighbor was a Stars fan so the rivalry made it more interesting. I had a good feeling from the start and I knew they would take the cup. I still remember hearing Gary Thorne yell “Elias centers, shot SCORES!!! The New Jersey Devils have won the Stanley Cup!”

What Makes YOU a Crazy Devils Fan?:

I got a Devils tattoo about 2 months ago. I have enough Devil’s clothing to last a week and a half. There is a Devil’s logo on basically everything I own.

Favorite Current and Favorite All-Time Devil:

Patrik Elias has always been my favorite player.

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