Speaking of the Devils was started as part of the Fanball Sports Blog Network in February of 2009.

With the blog network shutting down in October of 2010, I decided to keep the name going and run this blog independently. I’m giving it 110%. I’m leaving it all on the web. I’m blogging with heart.

In case you’re still wondering, this is not your typical blog. While you’ll find a few stats, previews and recaps, I like to provide a little something extra for not only Devils fans, but all NHL and hockey fans. Most topics will be New Jersey Devils related, but I’ll throw in some other stuff occasionally.

The blog may turn serious every so often, but you can find that anywhere. I like to keep everything lighthearted, and may even throw in a curse now and then.

I believe you can find about 50 X’s and O’s blogs on most topics just about anywhere. I hope to provide not only some stats and information, but also bring you some fun along with it.

As far as I go, the owner of this blog, I have been a Devils fan for as long as I can remember. I was seven when the Devils became a part of New Jersey, and I have been hooked ever since.

I also enjoy heavy music, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, an occasional adult beverage, Boston creme donuts, and long walks on the beach.

While this is my primary blog spot, you can also find my work on various other sites that you pull up on your internet machine.

I feel we know each other a little better now. We’re a bit closer. It’s a nice feeling. Now go look around!


Last modified on September 3, 2014

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  1. Alex Davidow Says:

    You write a great blog and I’m following speakingofthedevs on Twitter now (@GAMEJ_HOCKEY). I just started at a cool new company called PlayUp. Internationally, we are a leader in mobile-gaming based on live sports. We are launching our second US game, GameJ Hockey, in which fans answer questions during live NHL action. It’s free to play and top 3 finishers get cash and points towards future games. The prize right now is only $150 but that will grow with our audience…plus, we haven’t marketed at all yet, so we only have about 6 players in the games, which means odds of winning are really good. Be honest, a free nightly fantasy hockey game with high probability of getting paid sounds nice, right?

    I am the GameJ for tonight’s Devil’s game (AKA GJ Shogun) and I know it’s last minute but I want to invite you to play the game tonight (first question goes up around 6:53) and let me know what you think. All comments welcome.

    It’s a mobile-based game so it’s built for iphones and droid’s, but it works on desktop, except there are problems with internet explorer. Check it out: playuphockey.com

    Thanks for hearing me out. Please let me know if you play.

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