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Posted by StevenWoj on November 30, 2013

This was a big theme during the playoffs in 2012 but I feel like it should be a stronger theme now, when the teams needs it most. It would be easy to pick on the team now, when things aren’t going so great but I feel like we, as fans, need to stick together now more than ever.

So… I Believe, from the top of the organization to the bottom. We all know that the top of the organization is Mr. Lamoriello. I think the new owners said it best:

From co-owner David Blitzer: “This team has stood for excellence and we don’t want to fiddle with excellence. I was joking with Lou the other day, he’s got some special sauce. I would like to think that Lou would stay with this team for as long as he would like.”

From Josh Harris, Blitzer’s partner: “We believe in Lou and what he’s doing. We believe in the success of the Devils both short and long term.” (August 15th, sportingnews.com)

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To honor the man at the top, here is a wallpaper that celebrates Lou’s Special Sauce:



And, if you like that, maybe buy a shirt with the same design here.



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