Devils Goal Song – Your Faux Outrage Is Funny

Posted by on October 15, 2013

It’s fun to watch – all the people with their faux outrage over the New Jersey Devils changing the goal song from Rock and Roll Part 2, a pretty shitty song, to something by Bon Jovi, an equally shitty song combined with an attempt to force the “Jersey” thing down fans’ throats.

However, Rock and Roll Part 2 has never been and never will be “our song.”


It was performed by someone with criminal convictions for possession of child pornography and for child sexual abuse.

You didn’t choose that song unless you are the last person in line to make those decisions… in which case, welcome to my blog!

What exactly made it “our song”?  It wasn’t written for us, it has nothing to do with the team, the state, hockey… I actually have no clue what the hell it’s supposed to be. I actually don’t care, because it’s a shitty song.

All we did was choose to yell “You Suck!” during that song. Now, let me point out that I did chant right along when it was appropriate. It was fun. It was, to some extent, an “identity.” It let opposing teams know that, at times, they did suck. But it wasn’t “our song.” And it’s not what forms an identity.

You getting mad that they are taking away “our song” simply because you can’t yell “you suck” just tells me you’re going to games for the completely wrong reasons.

In reality, it has nothing to do with the song. As a matter of fact, most people I see complaining don’t even know the name of the song… it’s the “You Suck” song to them. I think that’s why you’re mad. I think that’s why you’re complaining. Or maybe you’re complaining just for the sake of complaining…

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I don’t need a song to tell me when to cheer or when to get angry or when to tell a player or team that they suck.

I also don’t see anyone sending out a mass memo telling the fans they can’t yell “you suck!”

All they’re doing is changing a song that has turned more into bro-dudes spilling their warm Bud Light Lime-A-Rita that they bought 45 minutes ago on each other simply so they can yell “you suck!” and chuckle like teenage schoolgirls after a goal, than something meant to celebrate your home team’s achievement.

Are you still mad that the Devils no longer play in “our arena” at the shithole that is the Meadowlands?

Are you threatening to cancel your season tickets because they didn’t bring over “our scoreboard” from the old place and now everything is much easier to see and more information is right there in front of your eyes?

Are you boycotting games because they no longer have a Hobby’s in the arena and that was “our concession stand”?

Are you, ironically, one of the people outraged over the change of the goal song but will turn around and scream from the mountaintops that “we need a third jersey!” Aren’t you proud of “our tradition”?

I’ve seen more “It’s Tradition!!” posts and comments than I can count. I expect the people that are posting that will be waiving their Devils banners while marching around IZOD the next time the Devils win the Cup. Because it’s tradition. And we can’t change “tradition.”

Everything changes. Everything evolves.

Just like goal songs.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m all for fans of a team voicing their displeasure with how things are going. It’s their right, and the team should do everything possible to listen and take appropriate steps. The fans pay their bills.

But to get to the point where you are threatening to cancel season tickets because the team changes a song – A SONG! – and not just the song, but getting mad because they’re taking away “your right” to yell “you suck” …then I have no choice but to question your true intentions.

The fact is, the team is listening.  They are compromising. They want to change the song – it’s their right to – but they heard the fans and are letting them vote for a new one. They could have just said “live with it.” Perhaps, for anyone that has been following this team as long as I have, that’s something that might have happened in the past.

So, while you’re complaining about change, sit back and enjoy “our team” from your wider seat in that new arena that is much easier to get to… and learn to enjoy “our song,” whatever it ends up being.

And if you truly love that song; if you sit around on weekends cranking Rock and Roll Part 2 on vinyl in your apartment; if you are truly outraged that the team is doing away with it because it was the only reason you went to these ice hockey events, then please accept my apology for assuming something else.


Now that we got that out of the way, here are my suggestions to make everyone happy:


Now THAT was a unique, fun intro, and it had its own “identity.” I remember getting pumped up just listening to it while watching the video clips of Devils players completely destroying opposing skaters, and their shots beating opposing goalies. The SONG was (and is) good, and fun. Not anything added to it.

Start at 2:04:


This will also make happy the faux outragers, who will claim victory that they were able to bring back “our song” … because everything is “ours” until it is no longer “ours” … and also before it becomes “ours.”



This is my suggestion… and there are some other good ones I’ve already seen suggested.

Start at 1:16:


It’s kinda catchy, includes the word “hell” so the bro-dudes will still be able to get all giddy, and ends with a “hey hey hey” so those that are absolutely crushed that they can’t yell “you suck” anymore can still throw one in for old times sake.




In the end, all that matters is…

LET’S GO DEVILS! (clap – clap – clapclapclap)



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