2013 NHL Playoff Predictions – Conference Finals

Posted by on May 30, 2013

As the second round of the 2013 NHL Playoffs comes to an end with more dramatic endings and a few dominant performances, it’s time to move on to my Conference Finals predictions.


Before I get into the predictions, I must curse the Kings for giving me my only two losses so far. After going 7-1 in my first round predictions, with the Kings being the only blemish, they did the same with my second round predictions, once again giving me my only incorrect prediction.

After two rounds I’m 10-2, which I feel is pretty good. Take away the Kings, and I’m perfect!

Anyway, on to the Conference Finals…

#1 Seed #5
8-4 Playoff Record 8-5
2.75 G/G 2.00
1.83 GA/G 3.54
16.2 PP% 20.0
97.6 PK% 86.0


The Blackhawks won two of three meeting this season and outscored the Kings 12-9.

I picked Chicago to make the final this season, so I’m sticking with them, but the Kings look like a very solid all-around team once again. I think the Blackhawks are just a bit deeper and are starting to get better play from some players at the right time.

Speaking of the Devils win probability score: Chicago 09.9

Probability prediction: Blackhawks in seven.

My Prediction: Blackhawks in six.

And the East…


#1 Seed #4
8-3 Playoff Record 8-2
4.27 G/G 3.17
2.54 GA/G 2.33
28.3 PP% 21.9
89.7 PK% 81.1


The Penguins swept the season series 3-0 and outscored Boston 8-5.

Pittsburgh seems to be rolling and are getting steady goaltending from Vokoun. The Bruins are getting plenty of scoring depth, but it might not be enough against Pittsburgh.

Speaking of the Devils win probability score: Penguins 18.8

Probability prediction: Pittsburgh in seven.

My Prediction: Penguins in seven.



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