New Jersey Devils To Pick 9th In The 2013 NHL Draft

Posted by on April 29, 2013

The NHL Draft lottery is over and the New Jersey Devils will select 9th in this year’s draft.

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Lou Lamoriello has already stated that the team will keep this year’s pick, which means they will forfeit next year’s first rounder as penalty for the Ilya Kovalchuk “illegal” contract.

Based on team finish, the percentage chance of being selected in the Draft Lottery was as follows:

Florida Panthers – 25.0%
Colorado Avalanche – 18.8%
Tampa Bay Lightning – 14.2%
Nashville Predators – 10.7%
Carolina Hurricanes – 8.1%
Calgary Flames – 6.2%
Edmonton Oilers – 4.7%
Buffalo Sabres – 3.6%
New Jersey Devils – 2.7%
Dallas Stars – 2.1%
Philadelphia Flyers – 1.5%
Phoenix Coyotes – 1.1%
Winnipeg Jets – 0.8%
Columbus Blue Jackets – 0.5%

When all was said and done with the lottery, the actual draft positioning ended up looking like this, which is identical to the list above except for the part where the Avs took the #1 spot, or the “Seth Jones” spot:

1 ) Colorado Avalanche
2 ) Florida Panthers
3 ) Tampa Bay Lightning
4 ) Nashville Predators
5 ) Carolina Hurricanes
6 ) Calgary Flames
7 ) Edmonton Oilers
8 ) Buffalo Sabres
9 ) New Jersey Devils
10) Dallas Stars
11) Philadelphia Flyers
12) Phoenix Coyotes
13) Winnipeg Jets
14) Columbus Blue Jackets

Stay tuned for my thoughts on who I feel the Devils should pick in the nine slot.

The draft will be held Sunday, June 30th, with all seven rounds being conducted on the same day for the first time since 2006.

The New Jersey Devils and Prudential Center will host the event.



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  1. Carol Says:

    I’ll be in the owner’s box watching the proceedings! :-D