The End… For Now

Posted by StevenWoj on April 26, 2013

This will probably be my last post for a while, but I just wanted to say it was really fun (for me) to make the desktop, phone, and Facebook wallpapers this past season.

Sports memorabilia for all U.S. teams!

I hope you enjoyed seeing/using them as much as I enjoyed making them. I will, if permitted by the powers that be at, definitely love to do it again in the future.

Just to put a nice little bow on this season, I have made a video of all of the wallpapers. Thanks to YouTube it doesn’t have any musical backing, but if you hum to yourself, I am sure it will be just as enjoyable.



If you like what you see in the video, you can check out all the wallpapers here.

Editors Note: These wallpaper posts have been absolutely fantastic and have brought something unique to this site. I thank @StevenWoj for working on them and sharing them on this site. I hope he continues to do his fine work, not only with the wallpapers, but other things he’s working on, and sharing everything with us here.

Great job!

- @SpeakoftheDevs


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