Maybe It’s Me? The Patrik Elias Project “Curse”

Posted by StevenWoj on April 11, 2013

I do not know if anyone else feels like me, but I feel I am partially responsible for the Devils recent slide. For the last few weeks I have been working on a project that I think has brought bad luck to the organization, but I am not sure why. Let me walk you through my thought process:

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On February 28th I was fortunate enough to go to the Devils vs Lightning game and sit down low (pictures posted here).

While editing these pictures I thought about a previous game I was offered the same opportunity. I went back in to the archives to find those pictures because I wanted to see if my photography talents had progressed at all. In reviewing my pictures from January 5th, 2010 (it was a Devils vs Stars game) I found a nice shot of Patrik Elias waiting at the face off circle.

After tweaking this photo a little I thought what I came up with might make a nice painting. So, I set out on the project…

(click each pic for the full size image)

1) Original photo:



2) Edited photo:



3) 50″ X 40″ canvas with lines drawn:



4) First coat:



5) Adding in some black:



6) Adding in some accent colors:



7) Some skin for Patrik. It’s taking shape:



8 ) Just about ready to hang.. just a few more touch-ups:



9) And finally, hanging on the wall:



I thought my wife was going to shoot me for putting it in our family room, but when she first saw it she said “I hate that I like the way it looks there,” so it has a home.

Now on to why I think I am a jinx. Over the course of this project, the team is 4-9-6. They have earned 14 of a possible 38 points and they have slipped out of a playoff spot.

Not only that, there is more and more chatter that Elias isn’t happy that Lou won’t negotiate with him during the season and there is a strong feeling he will leave this summer when he is an unrestricted free agent.

So I turn to you – how can I reverse the curse? What can I do to help lift the negative vibe I have bestowed on the team?

And and all suggestions are welcome. Leave them in the comments section below.


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One Response to “Maybe It’s Me? The Patrik Elias Project “Curse””

  1. Calvin Says:

    I suggest that you arrange to have it sent to the Devils to the attention of Lou Lamoriello, and affix the following message; “Sign Elias and allow him to retire a Devil like he and we deserve, or this will all you have to remember come July 2013.”
    This way you break the curse and at the same time get value out of your “project”! Bold, but worth it.
    Good Luck!
    - Long time devils fan! @NJD4LIFE