“Devils As…” Part Four – On To The East

Posted by StevenWoj on March 14, 2013

Today we start on the Eastern Conference with the Southeast Division.

You can find the other “Devils As…” jerseys by clicking the links below.

Pacific | Northwest | Central | Southeast | Northeast | Atlantic

(click on each pic for the full size image)

Devils As… The Carolina Hurricanes:

Another nice one with the white yoke around the shoulders and I like the ends of the sleeves in black with the thicker white stripe and the grey smaller stripe. This one is pretty straightforward although there is a slight grey outline around the logo. I think it helps stand out a little more.


Devils As… The Winnipeg Jets:

I think it is very interesting the way there are two stripes on the sleeves instead of one, like the Devils have now. The black band returns around the end of the sleeve, again, I think this is purely for retail as this band is hidden once the player puts his gloves on.

I did the torso stripes with a slight arch in them because that is how I perceived it, I am not sure if that is 100% accurate, anyone know?


Devils As… The Tampa Bay Lightning:

And the Patch…

This is another very basic jersey in terms of striping and lettering, with all of them being one color. The Lightning spice things up with what appears to be a three layered number and the shoulder patches add a nice touch, even if they are just the same logo as on the front repeated with the city and team name.

The Lightning are another team that try to make the jersey look a little retro with the laces, but for me it is just another element with the same color as the striping and lettering.


Devils As… The Washington Capitals:

And the Patch…

The Capitals are another team that used a stripe that extends from the collar down the sleeve but they change it up by adding what appears to be a wing below the stripe. They contrast that wing with a stripe along the sides of the torso in the opposite color. The shoulder patches on the Devils version are the same ones as on the Vancouver example.


Devils As… The Florida Panthers:

I am 95% in love with this version. I love the black down the sleeves with the stripe coming off of it. I love the three-color numbers where the middle layer matches the stripe and doesn’t look like it is there. The 5% of non-love comes from the lack of anything happening on the lower torso. There needs to be stripes or something to make it feel more complete.

Maybe, just maybe, later on in this series you will see a version that takes this style and adds to it (that is called foreshadowing).

Stay tunes for the rest of the jerseys!


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