Third Installment of “Devils As…” – Central Division

Posted by StevenWoj on March 13, 2013

Today we wrap up the Western Conference with the Central Division.

For today’s game notes, stats, tickets, and numbers, click here.

You can find the other “Devils As…” jerseys by clicking the links below.

Pacific | Northwest | Central | Southeast | Northeast | Atlantic

(click on each pic for the full size image)

Devils As… The Chicago Blackhawks:

And the Patch…

Way too many stripes on the torso. The Blackhawks logo is definitely what makes their jersey the best in the league.

I do like the shoulder patches. I went with pitchforks behind the NJ initials. Not sure if I should have went with an “N” for Newark, since the Blackhawks use a “C” for Chicago, but then again, they aren’t the Newark Devils.


Devils As… The Detroit Red Wings

Just like the Coyotes, the Red Wings have a VERY basic jersey. One stripe each on the arms and torso and single color numbers. I guess they have to stick with it being an Original Six team, but it is dulls-ville.

I wonder if I should have based this one on the white jersey with the sleeves being a different color from the torso…


Devils As… The St. Louis Blues

This is a weird one. The Blues actually have two different shades of blue on their jersey. I am definitely not feeling this one.


Devils As… The Nashville Predators

And the Patch…

That’s a little better. Still thrown off by the white stripes that come off the collar and extend down to the hem, but their curvature is a little better than the Avalanche, as these frame out the logo a little better. I also like the black accent and the arm stripping being angled instead of straight.

Also, I think it is interesting how they only have the patch on one shoulder. I went with an outline of the state of NJ with three stars to represent the Stanley Cup victories and the initials similar to the Predators’ patch.


Devils As… The Columbus Blue Jackets

And the Patch…

A little simple, but with a twist. Stripes off of the collar that extend down the arms, and then wrap around the wrists (which would be cut off by the player’s gloves) and small hem stripes on the torso, very understated.

I like the way the patch came out. I really think the Devils should take a step back towards this Devil look rather than the cartoony Devil mascot look.

The rest of the jerseys will be coming in the next few days. Let me know what you think so far!

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6 Responses to “Third Installment of “Devils As…” – Central Division”

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  4. JTH Says:

    You’re right about the Hawks. It’s the crest that totally makes the jersey. The Rockford Icehogs are proof of that.

    One thing: the black hem stripes on your design should be thinner and the bottom white stripe should be MUCH wider, like triple the size of the other ones.

    Also, since the Hawks use “non-team colors” in their logos, did you think about doing that here? The Devils have a history with green and blue & gold if you count their time as the Scouts/Rockies

    Not sure if you’d want to tweak the primary logo but maybe a gold NJ with green/white pitchforks on the secondary logo?

  5. StevenWoj Says:

    Thanks for the feedback JTH. I will see what I can put together in terms of a revision.

  6. "Devils As..." - The Final Installment - Speaking of the Devils Says:

    [...] I also changed the patch. I have a blue outline around the NJ to honor the organizations time as the Kansas City Scouts, a gold pitchfork to acknowledge their time as the Colorado Rockies, and a green pitchfork to honor the early times in NJ. Thanks again to JTH for the comments. [...]