“Devils As…” Part Two – Northwest Division Jerseys

Posted by StevenWoj on March 12, 2013

Here is the second installment of the “Devils As…” series where we see what the team’s jerseys would look like if they took on the template of other NHL teams.

This time we tackle the Northwest Division of the Western Conference.

You can find the other “Devils As…” jerseys by clicking the links below.

Pacific | Northwest | Central | Southeast | Northeast | Atlantic

(click on each pic for the full size image)

Devils As… The Vancouver Canucks:

Once again, I like that New Jersey gets front billing, but other than that it’s a very basic jersey. The shoulder patch is sort of a unique idea for the Devils.


Devils As… The Minnesota Wild:

I like the unique sleeve design and the white yoke around the shoulder area but I am not a fan of the all white collar.


Devils As… The Edmonton Oilers:

I like everything about this jersey. I like the different color at the end of the sleeve after the striping, which is more than just the average striping. It’s more like the white jersey striping on the current Devils jersey but on the red jersey. I also like the white outline on the shoulder yoke. I think this is something the team should think about regardless. It helps it stand out a little more.


Devils As… The Calgary Flames:

Calgary uses a predominately black logo, so I switched the Devils to match. More shoulder patches, this time the NJ flag and the US flag, replacing the Alberta and Canadian flags.

The Flames are another team that has four colors on the jersey so grey makes an appearance again. I am not sure how well it will represent, but there is a small grey outline around the numbers. It doesn’t add much, I wonder if it would look better if it was white on the outer side and grey in the middle.

This jersey is rounded out with the black laces near the neck, a look that I am not a big fan of. It just seems like a forced retro look.


Devils As… The Colorado Avalanche:

Pretty straight forward, I like the black down the sleeves, which allows for the usage of my favorite three-color numbers (where the middle color matches the color the numbers are on). Not a huge fan of the stripes that extend from the neckline to the hem, but it works for the Avs.


The rest of the jerseys will be coming soon. Let me know what you think so far!



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