Patrik Elias’ Cryptic Post Game Comments

Posted by StevenWoj on February 19, 2013

Not sure who else was watching the post game show after yesterday’s game, but here was an exchange Patrik Elias had with a reporter:

Q: “Couple of days off to regroup, try to find some more offense?”

Elias: “I don’t know what we’re going to try and find here, you know. We (literally?) gotta get back to winning, and just kinda having fun and, um, you know we, when we do that, when we trust each other and we have guys that, um, every, you know, we are not, we are not, we are not the same players everyone here so it’s a, we have got to realize that, and some guys gonna make a play, but, ah, at the same time we all gotta be accountable and when we do that we have everyone going and, we gotta get back to that.”

Not sure who this was in reference to.. perhaps Ilya Kovalchuk? We know that Elias was not happy that he showed up a few days late to training camp, but it seems like Elias has a bone to pick with someone.

Maybe I am looking a little to deep into this but, as I was watching with a friend, we both agreed that the comments were mighty cryptic.

Did you hear the comment? What do you think reading the above quote? Am I looking into it a little too much?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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7 Responses to “Patrik Elias’ Cryptic Post Game Comments”

  1. Carol Says:

    I hope he’s talking to Kovy! That man has got to stop passing to the opposition!!!!

  2. joe Says:

    Part of me was wishing that the KHL was going to buy out his contract so we could be rid of him.

  3. joe Says:

    Ive read his statement a few times and Im getting the impression that Patty doesnt think everyone is being treated the same, and maybe there’s a rift. Ive gotten the feeling he doesn’t really like Kovi for whatever reason. When you watch them check out the body language that goes on, between the two of them.

  4. Carol Says:

    That would’ve been great if he’d stayed with the KHL. It doesn’t look like he’s ‘friendly’ with anyone.

  5. Ozzy Says:

    Reading a transcript of that, I can only guess one thing: concussion. Because I don’t think there’s a coherent thought there.

  6. StevenWoj Says:

    Joe – I definitely agree. He doesn’t feel everyone is being treated fairly and I am sure it goes back a long way, maybe even to when he was traded here but, I am sure Patty has gotten some special treatment too. Maybe he is just a little jealous that, even though he is the franchise leader in all the important statistical categories, he isn’t being shown the love anymore.
    Carol – I see what you are saying too, I am not sure who he pals around with. I know he has had some issues with Marty in the past, but they appear to get along during post game congrats line. I wonder if he is missing Zach a little.
    Ozzy – Yeah, the transcript does come off a little confusing but I was trying to catch every dtutter and stammer. Trust me, with his accent and the starts and stops, it didn’t make it easy to decipher.

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