Loyalty: A Word Scott Gomez & Scott Niedermayer Don’t Know

Posted by JoiseyDani on January 21, 2013

As I am sure everyone is ecstatic over the start of the Devils season, it got me thinking about the word loyalty.

We as fans, through thick and thin, have been loyal to the Devils. Throughout lockouts, injuries, losing seasons, ecstatic wins, hearts in our throats plays, we have been there. Then something happened about three years ago that made all of us cringe.

Scott Gomez became a free agent and decided to take a deal with the dark side — The New York Rangers.

Now since then he was traded to the Montreal Canadiens and this past week he was told to stay home. Now I understand he was in talks with the Devils again to return. But I will get to that in a second because there is another player who apparently also does not have the word loyalty in his vocabulary — Scott Niedermayer.

The start of an article I read on PuckDaddy.com says this:

“Scott Niedermayer is ready to teach the Anaheim Ducks a few more things about winning. The former Ducks captain and four-time Stanley Cup champion defenseman will be an assistant to Anaheim coach Bruce Boudreau this season, the Ducks announced Friday January 4, 2013.”

Now wait a second… Last year the Devils retired Niedermayers number and raised his banner. Yes, he did go play with the Ducks because he wanted to play with his brother which I fully understand and support. But the club that he was a part of when he won his first Stanley Cup — the New Jersey Devils.

Let us talk about one man who definitely knows the word loyalty — Martin Brodeur. He has been with the Devils since day one of his professional career. He might have received offers from other teams but he has stayed true to the red and black. A lot of people might have said that he should have left; gone to a “winning” team but he did not. He stayed true.

Another man that stayed true to the red and black — Scott Stevens. He finally received a coaching position with the Devils this year and I feel he is the one who will continue the spark of energy that the Devils had last year going forward through this shortened season. He is another one who had his number retired and his banner raised in the Meadowlands and has not left the fold since.

Now I understand the talks with Scott Gomez are no more. I say good. You left the Devils. You turned your back on this team and went with the rival unaffectionately known as the Rags and since you are no longer the player you used to be you want to crawl back to us? No way, Joseph. Not gonna happen. Go with the Sharks. I mean after all that is what you are right?

What do you think? Would you accept former Devils players back on the team if they have failed on other teams or do you have the same opinion as I — once you are gone, you are gone? Feel free to comment below, send me an email, or tweet me at JoiseyDani.

As always, remember to ROCK YOUR RED!


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3 Responses to “Loyalty: A Word Scott Gomez & Scott Niedermayer Don’t Know”

  1. lulu Says:

    Neds left to play with his brother and took less money. I really don’t think there was any lack of loyalty. If you think he wasn’t loyal then you should have included Parise as well. He left for a similiar sentimental reason. Of course the teams they go to are going to talk about winning. It doesn’t make them any less a devil.

  2. Carol Says:

    It broke my heart when Gomer left, but I can’t say I wasn’t glad to see him fail elsewhere – Karma?? I was unduly happy to hear the Canadiens were buying him out this season. I think he threw away a promising career when he left the Devils.

  3. StevenWoj Says:

    I have to agree with lulu. Niedermayer went to play with his brother. Family loyalty is the first loyalty we know in this world and is more important to most than the uniform you wear. Seeing him take that position with the Ducks was a little surprising but, they were the last organization he played for, and I think for him (and his wife) moving back to the west coast was an enjoyable experience so they decided to make it long term. I wish he as a coach here, but, we did OK with Stevens behind the bench, so, I will wish Scott Niedermayer nothing but success, except when his team is playing the Devils.