Glenn Healy: “Fans That Don’t Want To Get Robbed In Newark Can Go To Brooklyn”

Posted by on October 25, 2012

Glenn Healy was on the Hockey Night In Canada Radio Show yesterday to discuss the lockout, and the Islanders move to the Barclays Center.

A friend of mine alerted me to this interview, specifically because of something Healy said. So I searched for audio.

I have to admit, about 15 seconds into the interview, my ears tried to shut themselves down. It was just a bunch of words (coming from a guy that used to be the director of player affairs for the NHLPA).

As the conversation turned to the Islanders moving to the Barclays Center when their current lease is up, a question was posed to him by the hosts:

“Who’s going to ultimately go to games in Brooklyn if it’s going to be successful.. Where do the fans come from?”

Glenn Healy, apparently playing the part of Dane Cook or Carlos Mencia, answered with “I think that fans that don’t want to get robbed in Newark can go to Brooklyn.”

You can listen to the interview here (also embedded below).
(to spare you the rest of the nonsense, you can skip ahead to around the 20:30 mark)

Of course, he also takes a shot at Brooklyn by saying there’s a slightly better chance you won’t get robbed there.

This has nothing to do with Newark vs Brooklyn. It has everything to do with someone who is clearly ignorant going on a national show and potentially hurting an NHL product (or products) for the sake of telling a bad joke. ..a “joke” that he recycled from Barry Melrose.

I’m assuming the land of rainbows and unicorns where Healy lives is free of crime and that’s why he would think these things.

Or perhaps there was a time that Healy was in Newark and he was assaulted and robbed? I tried to find such an incident, or even an incident that maybe he witnessed, but I found no such thing. So that can’t be it.

I’d tell Mr. Healy to stick to his day job, but he doesn’t even do that very well.

I’m sure fans will give Healy the same reception Melrose gets in Newark if Healy ever decides to leave his perfect world.



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2 Responses to “Glenn Healy: “Fans That Don’t Want To Get Robbed In Newark Can Go To Brooklyn””

  1. Jeanine Says:

    Brooklyn can have him! And the Islanders! New Jersey only has One Team! The NJ Devils! I’ll stick by them no matter where in the state they play! But I don’t see crime being that prevelant in all the games and other events I’ve been to in Newark. No worse than Monmouth County where I’m from. And it wasn’t always so close to home. But the economy has created a monster! That’s a whole nother discussion!

  2. Doug Says:

    Maybe Glenn Healy doesn’t realize the developers of the Barclays Center robbed the citizens of Brooklyn of their homes and business to get the area to build the arena