Official Speaking of the Devils UFA Day Drinking Game!

Posted by on July 1, 2012

It’s here! The day we’ve all not been waiting for… UFA Day!

Enjoy it with friends and family the only reasonable way: with the Speaking of the Devils UFA Day Drinking Game*!

(* – Speaking of the Devils in no way endorses abuse of alcohol, consumption of alcohol by anyone under the legal drinking age, and/or the operation of any vehicle (including bicycles) or any machine (including, but not limited to, blenders) while under the influence of alcohol. This game is for entertainment purposes and I don’t take responsibility for any of you overdoing it. Just have fun out there.)

The rules, like with every other game previously, are simple. Just take a drink whenever one of the things listed below happens. A “drink” is considered your usual sip of your beverage of choice. Since these things will likely happen very often, I am limiting everything to one drink.

If you are under the age of 21 (or whatever the legal drinking age is wherever you are), you can use anything, really. Chocolate ice cream works good because then you can get chocolate wasted. And the brain freeze is crazy!

If you follow a lot of people who are constant complainers and drama queens, and overreact wildly to things that don’t effect them personally, this game may not be for you.

I put this together quickly, so feel free to shoot me some more ideas.

Here we go:


- Every time someone wildly overreacts to something that in no way effects them directly.

- Every time someone says “I swear, if (player) doesn’t re-sign, I’m never watching a (team) game again!”

- For every “I knew it” after a player signs somewhere.

- Every time a stupid person spreads a rumor started by a false insider(rr). (NOTE: Please have a trash can or barf bag handy)

- Every Parise a Parise says Parise, but Parise goes Parise and Parise Parise.

- Every time the Leafs overpay for an average player.

- For every “He’s greedy! We don’t need a guy like that!” from people who would do anything to be in that financial situation.

- For every “That much? No way… glad (team) didn’t give him that.”

- For every “That’s it? Man… (team) could have given him that!”

- Every time some dope says “Good riddance!” after a star player signs elsewhere.

- Every time I add a new rule to this game….

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