Your Official Speaking of the Devils Round Three Drinking Game

Posted by on May 14, 2012

We are all still loving this Devils run, right? And we all love to have one, sometimes two (and for this round, perhaps up to six) beverages of the adult variety while watching Devils games, right?

With games one and two once again (again) on the road, why not make them more interesting with the Official Speaking of the Devils Round Three Drinking* Game!

(* – Speaking of the Devils in no way endorses abuse of alcohol, consumption of alcohol by anyone under the legal drinking age, and/or the operation of any vehicle (including bicycles) or any machine (including, but not limited to, blenders) while under the influence of alcohol. This game is for entertainment purposes and I don’t take responsibility for any of you overdoing it. Just have fun out there.)

The rules are simple. Just follow the required drink amounts whenever one of the things listed below happens. A “drink” is considered your usual sip of your beverage of choice. So, three drinks would be three times the usual amount you would take when sipping your beverage.

If you are under the age of 21 (or whatever the legal drinking age is wherever you are), you can use anything, really. Chocolate ice cream works good because then you can get chocolate wasted. And the brain freeze is crazy!

See? Simple.

Here we go:
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One Drink…

• If Pierre McGuire tells someone to “..have fun out there.”
• Every time “Hudson River rivals” is mentioned.
• For every Doc “…it.. rang.. off … the .. pipe!”
• For every time Tortorella is shown all grumpyface.
• Every time the year 1994 is mentioned. (Damn, that was a LONG time ago…)

Two Drinks…

• Every time David Clarkson falls down. (BONUS SHOT: If he scores while falling)
• If Stephen Gionta is at any point called Brian.
• Every time Doc says “jostled.”
• Every time someone mentions the “trap,” but correctly points out the Rags are the ones playing it.
• If Doc tells you what the player’s hometown is.
• If there is a fight of any kind (even if it’s Tortorella vs Anisimov).

Three Drinks…

• Every time Sidney Crosby is mentioned.
• If anyone says anything about “two halftimes,” commercials included.
• For every clip shown of Mark Messier crying.


• Every time you see a Rags fan with the tags still on the jersey he/she is wearing.
• If Doc or Pierre drop an F-bomb.
• If there are streamers and fireworks after every goal the opposing team scores, because if they are going to overdo it, so should you.

• Every time the Devils score.


These are general rules for NBC broadcasts. If Doc isn’t doing the game, just make up your own rules. Have fun out there!

Do you think any other rules should be added? Let me know!

Feel free to follow me on Twitter and on Facebook to see how I’m doing during the games…


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4 Responses to “Your Official Speaking of the Devils Round Three Drinking Game”

  1. Kim Says:

    Not sure if You’d want to use something Mentioning the Albany ‘River Rats or Devils. (being as Sykora, Elias, Parise, Clarkson, & Gionta (Stephen or Brian) if they are mentioned when they were on the teams

    (the last 3 I knew before other devils fans even heard about them.)

    It should be (at least) 2 drinks if YOUR favorite player scores

    should there be a hat trick (from your team) 3 shots (of anything)

    Shouldn’t there be an option for a fight? (I need to find the one I made up years ago for the River Rats)

  2. Your Complete New Jersey Devils ECF Guide - Speaking of the Devils Says:

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  3. thecommish76 Says:

    Does “Fires!” count as a Doc F-Bomb? Because I am not sure if that man is capable of a foul word. I have the Pierre drinking game being every time he mentions where a player played his junior hockey.

    All I can say is if Doc says, “Fires! Score!”, and it is a Devil goal there will be celebratory drinking involved.

  4. SpeakoftheDevs Says:

    Oh, one for a fight would be good… I’ll add that in.