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It’s a bird … It’s a plane … It’s SUPER CLARKSON!

David Clarkson is always good for a nice fall or six while on the ice. Last night, he provided the go-ahead goal in grand fashion, by “planking” on the goal right after he scored.

It wouldn’t be the interwebs if people (like me) didn’t immediately start photoshopping his goal-surfing technique into other situations.

In case you missed his post-goal “celebration,” here it is again:


It all started with a slight revision to my Twitter, Facebook, and SotD Facebook page profile pictures:


Homongous Big Goal


Then, a shot of him crowd surfing surfaced:





And so it began….


His Favorite Summertime Activity


Points Will Be Deducted


Mission: Stanley Cup


Mission: Clark-possible -submitted by Rudy Adametz


Hockey Isn't His Only Winter Sport! -submitted by John Catral


Cheap Travel!


Everything Looks So Small From Up There!


A Little Underwater Fun


More Underwater Adventures -submitted by John Catral


Godzilla vs Clarkson


It Wasn't A Dream...


Clarky.. The Weapon Of Choice -submitted by Sass


Cannon ball!


So Homongous Big -submitted by Doug Sannik




Clarky Sense -submitted by Ross O'Shea


SUPER CLARKSON! -submitted by Ross O'Shea


Clarkson Loves Parades -submitted by @KMeilands


A DC-23 -submitted by T-Bucket




Noooooooooo! -submitted by Jonathan Fencik


Proper Way to Demolish A Dump -submitted by The Devils Zone


Clarkson Plays Other Sports -submitted by Jonathan Fencik


Oh What A Feeling!


Have you spotted Super Clarkson “Clark-ing” anywhere else? Send them my way via email, or send them to me via the Twitter and Facebook links above, so I can post them here!


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