Your Official Speaking of the Devils Round One Drinking Game

Posted by on April 13, 2012

We all love the Devils, right? And we all love to have one, sometimes two beverages of the adult variety while watching Devils games, right?

So, with games one and two on the road, why not make them more interesting and get the playoffs rolling with the Official Speaking of the Devils Round One Drinking* Game!

(* – Speaking of the Devils in no way endorses abuse of alcohol, consumption of alcohol by anyone under the legal drinking age, and/or the operation of any vehicle (including bicycles) or any machine (including, but not limited to, blenders) while under the influence of alcohol. This game is for entertainment purposes and I don’t take responsibility for any of you overdoing it. Just have fun out there.)

The rules are simple. Just follow the required drink amounts whenever one of the things listed below happens. A “drink” is considered your usual sip of your beverage of choice. So, three drinks would be three times the usual amount you would take when sipping your beverage.

If you are under the age of 21 (or whatever the legal drinking age is wherever you are), you can use anything, really. Chocolate ice cream works good because then you can get chocolate wasted. And the brain freeze is crazy!

See? Simple.

Here we go:
NOTE: You can find a handy-dandy printable version here, in case your friends don’t have a computer.

One Drink…

• If Scott Clemmensen starts for the Panthers.
• Every time they show him on the bench if Scott Clemmensen doesn’t start for the Panthers.
• Every time the words “…after missing the playoffs last season” are spoken.
• If Steve Cangialosi is staring longingly into someones eyes.
• If Chico pronounces a player’s name completely wrong. (BONUS DRINK: If Chico thinks that player was actually another player. Ex: “Oh, pardon me Steve, but that was Kovalchuk, not Peter Harrold..”)
• Any time anyone mentions this is the first time the Panthers are in the playoffs since 2000, when the Devils swept them. (BONUS DRINK: if the exact phrase “…the Devils went on to win the Stanley Cup” is also mentioned)
• For every Chico “Wooow.”
• When Chico says “Oh, I’m not sure about that” whenever a ref calls a penalty. (BONUS DRINK: if he backtracks after seeing the replay)

Two Drinks…

• If they show old Scott Clemmensen Devils highlights.
• Every time David Clarkson falls down. (BONUS SHOT: If he scores while falling)
• Any time you hear about anyone “leaving the gate open.” This applies both in-game, and during commercials.
• If Stephen Gionta is at any point (whether he is playing or not) called Brian.
• Every time Steve says that was a “sharp angle shot.”
• Every time someone mentions that the Devils finished with 102 points, but fourth in their division. (BONUS DRINK: if the word “history” is mentioned)
• Any time you or someone you are watching the game with says “What the hell did Chico just say?”
• If Ryan Carter scores a goal. (BONUS DRINK: if it takes him a few seconds to figure out what team to celebrate with)
If Chico starts a sentence with “I don’t want to sound like a homer…” but then says something that makes him sound like a homer.

Three Drinks…

• If Chico mentions the Minnesota Vikings for any reason.
• Every time Sidney Crosby is mentioned.
• Any time Ilya Kovalchuk and the Atlanta Thrashers are mentioned in the same sentence.
• If a goal is scored and Chico doesn’t defend the goalie at all, in any way. (Two minutes of game time must pass (and at least one replay shown) after the goal is scored for this rule to expire)
• If anyone says anything about “two halftimes,” commercials included.


• If Pete DeBoer accidentally cheers when Florida scores a goal.
• If Steve drops an F-bomb.
• If the Devils give up a game-tying or game-winning goal with 1:20 or less to go in the game (because we’ll need it).

• Every time the Devils score.


These game rules are mostly for the local MSG telecasts, but can be used for NBCSN coverage as well. Just adjust accordingly.

Do you think any other rules should be added? Let me know!

Feel free to follow me on Twitter and on Facebook to see how I’m doing during the games…


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8 Responses to “Your Official Speaking of the Devils Round One Drinking Game”

  1. Your Complete New Jersey Devils Playoff Guide - Speaking of the Devils Says:

    [...] Your Official Speaking of the Devils Round One Drinking Game [...]

  2. D Says:

    This is hilarious!!

  3. SpeakoftheDevs Says:

    Thanks! Anything to make the games a little more fun. Of course, nothing is more fun than winning…

  4. Mykey Says:

    Very well done. I was considering of making one myself, but after seeing this, I know what I’m doing Friday night. The best part is how realistic (and likely) the Chico-related rules are.

  5. Nate Says:

    Can you play this if you’re watching the game alone? haha

  6. SpeakoftheDevs Says:

    Absolutely! Might make things more interesting. Haha.

  7. KenF Says:

    sorry i’m late to the game, i’d like to modify, maybe for next season, 1 drink every time Steve says someone “jarred the puck loose”.

    this rule would put any drinker under the table.

  8. SpeakoftheDevs Says:

    That’s a good one! Definitely something for next season…