Devils vs Coyotes – The Morning After

Posted by on October 28, 2011

The Morning After series of posts will try to get an idea of what fans are talking about and how they’re feeling after every Devils game.

Good, bad or indifferent, it will be fun to see what the reaction is from most fans the morning after a game. I will also have some tweets from opposing fans to see what they think.

Most will be post-game thoughts, but I will also pull some from during the game.

I will take a sampling of tweets sent to me and tweets I find by searching the #NJDevils and related (also opposing team’s) hashtags.

Here we go…
Devils 3 – 5 Coyotes (videos of all the goals below):

@NHL: SITUATION ROOM: Why the #Coyotes goal 6:18 in the first was a good goal. (Link)

@azc_mclellan: So the #Coyotes have their own item to commemorate the player of the game. A gaudy WWE wrestling belt. Whitney wore it proudly tonight.

@CJ_Richey: Well congrats on Henrique’s first NHL point #NJDevils

@CalDevil3219: Last thought on the #NJDevils tonight: As up and down as it has been so far this year, just remember what is was like last October.

@kleathers: Parise and Kovy need a better linemate than Palmieri. Nothing against him, but he’s not fast enough for Zach and Kovy. #NJDevils

@epass17: Even though the #NJDevils suffered a tough loss tonight to Phoenix, one thing is for sure… Johan Hedberg is a stud. #Moooooooooooose

@westcoastdevfan: The Devils follow up their best game of the season with their worst game of the season. Go figure. #NJDevils

@pacmanghostx: #NJDevils fans are already going off the deep end… Fact: NJ, as of now, is on pace for approximately 92 points.

@DevilsGenerals: Bad game. Good game. Bad game. …#NJDevils are due for a good game on Saturday, right? 42 SOG hurt, but we move on…

And, of course, some of my own tweets:

@SpeakoftheDevs: The #NJDevils have nine out of a possible 16 points this season. They didn’t reach nine points last season until November 10th, 16 games in.

@SpeakoftheDevs: The #NJDevils are now 10-10 all-time against the #Coyotes. They are 3-7 in Phoenix.

(You can find more historical stats here)

All tweets are taken from the public Twitter timeline and found in searches. No tweets from protected accounts are taken.

Here are the goals:

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