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The Devils Of App Store

Cost of App Development

App Development Costs

Important: Transparent disclosure of costs

This article should provide a basic guide to the possible tasks associated with  app development so that you can better evaluate and prioritize the development of your app. A professional app development team should be able to provide a more specific and transparent cost estimate. They will break down the tasks and give you estimates on how much time is required to complete them.

The cost factors of the app

“How much is an app ?” That is a question that one gets frequently as an app developer. Answer to a similar question “What does a car cost?” can only be: “Come on!” . The actual price depends, of course, on the respective service provider and its hourly rates and how exactly each of the factors outlined here is to be implemented. This article is intended to help you to plan the costing blocks and to better understand the costing of technical service providers.

Target platforms

The most important question is: What devices should my app run on?

The reason why this question is so important is that each platform is developed in a different programming language and environment. So you have to develop the app several times, if you want to support multiple platforms. This is definitely the biggest cost factor because it is a multiplier for the overall development costs.

When deciding on this question, it helps to look at the current market distribution. The exact statistics vary, but in reality  Android + iOS dominate together well over 90 percent of the smartphone / tablet market followed by  Blackberry and sometimes Windows Phone.  As a rule of thumb, the question is: Do I want an Android app, an iOS app or both.

Complexity in the user interface: number of layouts

After these basic considerations, it goes to the details. Firstly, one needs to roughly know how many “views” or layouts the app should have. Each of these views must be designed and the layout implemented for each platform. So you should make the operation as simple and intuitive as possible – this not only helps with the budget, it also makes the app more user-friendly and better understandable.

Orientation: Landscape / Portrait

Is the app only to run in portrait, landscape or both modes? If you want to support both orientations, you usually have to create the layouts twice for each user view. This does not increase the amount of programming required, but the effort required to create the user interfaces. Thus, depending on other decisions, the number of user views to be implemented can skyrocket.

For example, if you want to implement an iOS and Android app with 10 screens for both phones and tablets in portrait and landscape, 2 (platform) * 2 (form factor) * 2 (orientation) * 10 = 80 layouts must be created.

There are other things that you’ll need to consider too and we’re going to cover that in our next post on app development costs.

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